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It is the job of an Osteopath to find health, anyone can find disease.

A.T. Still

Meet the Team

Huddersfield Osteopathy employs a range of skilled and experienced staff to provide you with high quality professional osteopathy with a focus on results. 

Meet the Team
Tracy Lomax
Tracy Lomax D.O.
Principal & Clinic Director

Registered for 34  years, Tracy knew that Osteopathy was going to be her chosen career path when, at age 10, she sat in on a treatment her mother was receiving from an Osteopath called Michael Power in Hampshire. Tracy thought he had magic coming out of his finger tips' as her mother miraculously made a full recovery from such acute pain that she had to have anti-spasmodic injections.

Tracy, however, wanted also to work with animals and children, so after she qualified in 1986 she trained at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in Harley street as well as pursuing a course in animal osteopathy, with Anthony Pusey DO and Stuart McGregor DO. This led her to work for one of the top 2 year old racehorse trainer, Richard Hannon for 5 years.Tracy has continued her work with racehorses by establishing regular Osteopathic support for a leading trainer in North Yorkshire.

Tracy set up Huddersfield Osteopathy 12 years ago after selling her clinic in Buckinghamshire and relocating to West Yorkshire. It is Tracy's skill, vast experience, vision and passion for life that drives the wonderful energy which permeates the whole  of Huddersfield Osteopathy.

Melanie Dalby
Melanie Dalby

Melanie holds a Masters Degree in Osteopathy as well as the prestigious accolade of "outstanding student" award from Leeds Beckett University. 

Before discovering osteopathy, Melanie had a successful career as an ergonomist, working in the health and safety sector for 7 years. In 2011 Melanie had an episode of back pain which would unknowingly set her on a different path. Melanie sought osteopathic treatment to manage her pain, and was treated by Huddersfield Osteopathy. This changed Melanie’s life, since during her appointments she became fascinated with how osteopathy worked, what the practitioner was doing and just how much better she felt for the treatment. In light of what she leaned from Huddersfield Osteopathy, Melanie decided upon a career change and to pursue a career in osteopathy. After 4 years, Melanie graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2015 with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy.

Throughout her university career, Melanie achieved the highest grade in her cohort, and received commendations from the board of examiners. At the end of her final year, the faculty awarded Melanie the ‘Outstanding Student’ award.

Outside of osteopathy, Melanie has many interests most of which are outdoor pursuits, such as scuba diving, mountain biking, caving, walking and running (training for York Marathon in October 2015). She has also been a regular member of the surface support team for the expedition exploring the record breaking underwater cave, Pozo Azul in Spain.

Melanie’s interests in osteopathy are varied, including the treatment of babies and children, cranial osteopathy, structural osteopathy, and sporting injuries as well as treatment of the slightly older patient.

With this in mind Melanie uses a range of techniques, including soft tissue work (massage), joint articulation, manipulation (“cracking”), and cranial in her osteopathic treatments. But each treatment depends on the patient and their complaint since Melanie, like most osteopaths, aims to treat the cause of the symptoms rather than the presenting symptom, which is at the heart of osteopathy. 

Tom Pinder
Tom Pinder BSc (Hons), MSST
Sports Therapist, Sports & General Injury Diagnosis & treatment, Sports Massage

Tom graduated from Leeds Beckett University in the Summer of 2105 with a degree in Sports & Exercise Therapy and the Dean's Award for Excellence in Sports & Exercise Therapy.

Throughout his degree he gathered hundreds of hours experience working in a variety of different environments, from working with the Leeds Rhinos and Rotherham United FC first teams providing massage and injury treatments in the Leeds beckett University Injury Clinic. SInce graduating, Tom has been working within the private health sector a a sports therapist, providing people with the treatment, tools and education to improve and maintain their health and fitness levels, and achieve their optimum sporting performance where applicable.

Tom offers injury diagnosis, treatments and sports massage as most therapists in the UK do, however, he also specialises in muscle activation, which is a rarer alternative treatment modality, which often sees the patient recover and improve on a much faster time scale than with traditional treatment modalities.

Louise Bissolati
Louise Bissolati PA/ Receptionist

Louise is the friendly face at front of house at Huddersfield Osteopathy.She brings a wealth of experience having had a career in the RAF as PA to a Colonel and later as practice manager for a top physiotherapist in Holmfirth.She is practical and efficient and will make you a brew while you wait for your chosen practitioner .

Jacqui Almond
Jacqui Almond MsC ( Hons) Osteo

"I stumbled upon osteopathy after watching my Dad suffer from lower back pain throughout my childhood .From a very young age, he would always me to walk on his back, which isn't something I would recommend to any patient now. It was osteopathy that my Dad would always turn to when he was suffering an episode. I would go along with him to watch the treatment he received and I found it fascinating.

It wasn't until went to University to study osteopathy that I actually understood the depth and reasoning behind everything that an Osteopath chooses to do. I take pride in our practice and believe it should be the primary choice for diminishing muscular -skeletal pain .I receive daily reward daily reward from the results I am able to achieve with my patients.Every patient is different and requires a unique approach to getting them better, which always keeps my days interesting!

Since graduating I have had experience working on an NHS contract, with the primary focus on lower back pain, where I dealt with treating people suffering from acute episodes of lower back strains to more severe and chronic lower back issues"