If you understand the mechanism, the treatment is simple

W. G. Sutherland

Tongue tie/latch

Our beautiful and perfect third little baby was born on 2nd September: she was so wonderful but unfortunately had a 100% tongue tie, she couldn’t latch for two days until she got a slight “stop gap” snip at two days old which allowed her to latch.

Tongue tie/latch

We knew we would be heading over to Milk Matters for a complete revision but with the history of our older children’s re attachment’s we knew we needed to see Tracy as much as possible beforehand.

When Eden was three weeks old we went to Huddersfield a day early so Tracy could see her on the Friday evening as well as the snip “sandwich” appointments. Tracy used her magic hands all over our tiny Eden who really enjoyed her gentle and respectful treatment and was in a good way for treatment the following day. She seemed so much less rigid that evening and the following day and was relaxed and happy.

Tracy seen her both before and after her snip (a thick, wide posterior tie) and all went well.

The tie however reattached and we had to return at five weeks old. This time Tracy was unavailable due to a conference so Eden had the tie lifted without Osteopathy. This time she found the whole process very stressful and I feel this was due to not having seen Tracy beforehand as the provider was very kind and gentle with her this time too.

Following our return home we continued with our great osteopath but appointments remained difficult to get and the diamond got stuck shut again. Following extensive follow up with Charlotte from Milk Matters and Tracy of Huddersfield Osteopathy we decided to try something new: intensive Osteopathy  prior to and following looking under her tongue.

Following consultation regarding dates we headed back to Huddersfield when Eden was 10 weeks old: we had sessions on Thursday, Friday, an extended sandwich session on Saturday and a follow up on Monday before going home and a session at home on the Tuesday. Prior to this Eden had only looked left; never raised her arms (in fact never moved them at all unless I moved them to wash and dress her) and was nicknamed “Lego baby” she was also solid as a block of wood and never felt relaxed.

During the intensive sessions I can only described Eden as going on a journey, she started stiff, sore and rigid and finished relaxed, pain free and happy and both arms were up over her head all the time!!!! It’s as if she has been gifted two limbs she never had before and she discovered her hands!! She’s fascinated!!

Something else to note: although she was a bit shocked when her tongue was lifted by Debra on the Saturday afternoon she hasn’t cried since and is feeding wonderfully, very different to how she had been after the previous lift. Not only that but everything is better, she’s so happy and has a neck instead of a little face dunked into her shoulders.

I haven’t got the professional language to describe the journey Eden passed through from that Thursday to Monday but is certainly gave her name’s meaning: paradise.