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Welcome to Huddersfield Osteopathy- Online

Due to the current Covid-19 we are providing you with brilliant, expert care through our secure video Telehealth appointments. This is particularly useful for our baby cranial Osteopathy work where we can teach you what is proving to effective self help strategies delivered to you by our principal osteopath -Tracy Lomax. Osteopathy Online has be launched and it will be a service we will continue to run in the future as we can help to advise you at the very least . Don't just put up with the pain or discomfort. We  are a friendly call away and it may make all the difference. Tel: 01484517808

                             Hopefully we'll be back to normal soon!

                             All the best,

                              Tracy Lomax -Principal Osteopath


Osteopathy is for everyone - regardless of age including babies, children, pregnant and post-partum women. Our specialism is cranial and paediatric osteopathy

All our osteopaths at Huddersfield are fully qualified and registered and have significant skills, knowledge in working with these groups in particular. We use manual techniques to restore, maintain and support well being. Osteopathy works with the structure and function of the body.