When you eliminate the impossible,whatever remains,howevever improbable, must be the truth.

Sherlock Holmes

Holistic Treatments with Stephen MacAllan

Once I have listened to the story of your health I will then use what I deem the most appropriate of my holistic treatments and alternative medicines such as; Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathic Protocols, Rife Treatment, Kosmed Treatment, Vega Testing/Bio-Resonance Testing as needed to help you heal yourself.

Holistic Treatments with Stephen MacAllan


Acupuncture treats a wide range of health problems from simple joint injuries to long term debilitating illnesses. Acupuncture complements orthodox medicine and can often help when there is no clear medical diagnosis available e.g. chronic fatigue. Acupuncture is safe, yet powerful and is without side affects. It is appropriate for people of all ages, children to the elderly.

Kosmed Therapy

The Kosmed Treatment System, "Kosmed" for short, represents a breakthrough approach to stimulating, non-invasively, the human body into self-healing. It represents the culmination of over 100 years of research into using electricity in the healing function.

Vega Testing

Allergy-testing, Mineral & Vitamin deficiency testing, Environmental Stress testing. Vega-testing is the name given to a testing procedure using a Vega machine, which enables an investigation into the functioning of a person's system. Vega-testing uses sophisticated electronics combined with the sciences of acupuncture and homoeopathy to determine such factors as food and environmental allergies, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, stressed organs, toxins in the body, and chronic stress factors.

Herbal Medicine And Natural Healing

The skill of the medical herbalist is important, choosing the correct herbs, the correct dosages and frequency of herbal formulas that work well together can have a huge impact on ones health.

Rife Therapy

Rife treatment was invented by Royal Raymond Rife almost 100 years ago. Rife therapy consists of ultra-sound frequencies carried into the body by radio waves and/or electro-magnetic frequency waves. Specific wavelengths have been found, experimentally, that target and kill pathogenic micr-organisms and other frequencies promote improved cellular function. In this way Rife therapy can helpwith infections and improve organ and body/system functions.

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