It is the stillness of the tide, not the stormy waves that bound upon the shore.

W. G. Sutherland

Health & Happiness with Rachel Devereux

Let Rachel help you to take back control of your emotions, beat stress and develop bulletproof confidence quicker, easier and more effectively than any other model out there. The 40-year history of this coaching has had world renowned psychologists and industry leading NLP and Hypnotherapists embrace this approach helping the homeless community right through to CEO’s of leading global corporations.

Health & Happiness with Rachel Devereux

Through this approach my clients have found happiness and innate wisdom around whatever stresses they had. I see the case studies presented before me and hear how projects and pilot studies are having 100% success rates. My clients report back on how they have overcome huge issues, whilst fully understanding the nature of their emotions and not reverting to the normal self-destructive path they had always taken before. I have even helped through the conception of a baby by helping the mother find calm and peace.

Rachel has chosen to lead a vegan life style for her own health, environment and wellbeing journey, yet she fully respects other peoples’ choices and is able to support healthy living through any dietary needs. There are short course transformations she can run to help detox your home and environment as individuals or groups. Please ask about PHEW Futures.

To work with Rachel, please book an appointment.